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This nifty device , called a Isofix Bracket , allows you to fit your isofix base or isofix baby seat to a vehicle that does not have isofix points. This product was designed, out of necessity for vehicles without isofix points.

Why Choose Us?

  • It is designed to make installing your car seat quick and easy.
  • ISO 13216-1 tested, to ensure it qualifies to the ISO laws of baby seat regulations.
  • No need for holes drilled or bolts screwed.
  • At the moment this device is only available for Toyota Hilux 2005 – 2016,
  • The Toyota Fortuner 2006-2015,
  • The Ford Ranger 2012-2015,

Gallery and Examples

Modern and specialised construction makes our brackets easy to fit and safe to install.

Toyota Fortuner

Bracket fits any Toyota Fortuner 2006-2015 Models

Fortuner Bracket

R1425 – Bracket and delivery

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Toyota Hilux

Bracket fits any Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2016 Models.

Hilux Bracket

R1425 – Bracket and delivery

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Ford Ranger

Bracket fits any Ford Ranger 2012-2015 Models.

Ranger Bracket

R1425 – Bracket and delivery

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